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04 December 2009

new blog thinger.

Go there. Nao.

23 November 2009


...guess what that means.
Mood: Icky.
Music: None.


10 November 2009

There are no Butterflies in My Stomach.

...just popsicles on summer days.
Mood: Pensive?
Music: Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park ♫

Warning: Contains scenes of random thoughts[and you all know what happens when I have random thoughts]. Reader discretion is advised.

Read: http://corina90.deviantart.com/art/good-thing-we-re-fools-133028441
Not because it relates, just because.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm not being emo. I actually am pretty happy except for being kinda sick. I just thought of butterflies in my stomach and I cringed.

May fine tune this and upload as a deviation. But I'd need some help on the fine-tuning bit.

I'll give you brownie points.

I never understood the expression "butterflies in one's stomach." Butterflies don't even make you feel lightheaded to begin with, and neither does love. If there were butterflies in my stomach, I would cry. I would cry because I would feel nauseous, and I would cry because there are poor innocent creatures dying inside me and what have they ever done to deserve that? I wouldn't feel lightheaded. I wouldn't feel good. I might feel nervous, but only because I can't carry a bucket around my school in case I throw up, and if you threw up butterflies it might make the national news.
I don't feel lightheaded when I care about someone. I feel lightheaded when I've only eaten a McDonald's apple pie for breakfast, and it's the middle of third period and I can't play my clarinet because I'll faint from exhaustion. I feel lightheaded when I do an insanely long run in gym class and I'm about to collapse because the pushups test is today and I'm too tired to hold myself up. I feel lightheaded in the mornings, when I first wake up and really need to go to the bathroom even though I'm thirsty and hungry and too dizzy to get out of bed(not to mention my morning breath).
When I care about someone, I feel happy. I feel like I could climb a mountain without breaking a sweat. Like I could swim across the Ocean. Like I have something more to wake up to in the morning. Like I've been running through miles and miles and miles in an empty sea of empty nothingness and finally come across something.
So what do we call it? I don't know what we call it. Call it weightless. Call it being on top of the world. Call it falling asleep after a long day and waking up in a meadow with unicorns and fairies that give you magical powers and wings and put the sun and rain together and tell you "stay here, we'll take care of you."
So long as you don't mention butterflies.
(I've never had to do this. Hm.)

08 November 2009

Yay, I feel like blogging :D

...we can only hope I don't get sent to bed.
Mood: Mild headache, and sweet tooth, and that heavy-hearted feeling you get when....well, a heavy hearted feeling.
Music: None. I have Starstrukk by 3OH!3 stuck in my head. So vulgar and typical male...but so catchy.

Warning: Contains scenes of confusion, anger, and other stuff. Reader discretion is advised.

Hola :)

(Okay right after I wrote up to this point, I had to go to bed =/ )

Shall I start with this morning?

I woke up at around 6 'cause my alarm rang, thought it was a weekday and reflexively pressed snooze on my alarm, but then I realized this song was playing and turned the radio back on and caught the last half of it :) And remembered it's Sunday :D Then Party in the USA played =( Why do people like that song anyways? So I shut off the radio.

And that paragraph could be written better, but oh well.

Anyways, I went back to sleep, and woke up at 9, went to eat breakfast since I couldn't sleep, and then I watched PunchMuch while rooting for this song <3

When I finished my breakfast I suddenly got freezing cold(apparently someone had changed the thermostat to 21 degrees C or 71 degrees F for you Americans-- COLD!), and I made tea and woke up my sister.

And now I'm here and should be doing my lab writeup but Aisha needs to send me some stuff.

I got an email just now that this post had been commented on with a ton of Viagra spam links -.-" If this happens a lot I might turn comment moderation back on, just so you know. (though it was only one comment so it was OK for now)

Anyways, yesterday I went to Derek's house. Rose lied and therefore I was the only girl there! (if she happens to read this, I'm not mad at you and I understand.) So my mom called and I told her it was just me, Ian, Derek, Kanishkan, and Ian's cousin and she said if no girls were there by 6:30 I would have to come home. I got mad because, well, my mom is always telling me to make friends with more guys than girls(which I've probably already done), and then we just played Rock Band.

And then Ian left, and like, the second he was gone my mom called and I told her Ian left and she was like "oh, you can stay," and I was like "suspicious!" And that if she still wanted me to come home, she could drop off my sister and that everyone wanted to see her(which I find shocking...clearly I am more attractive and less boring than her xD) but she was doing homework(she has some issues with school right now or something?). And so we played Grand Theft Auto and printed off all these cheats and ran people over with a tank. IT WAS AWESOME.

My mom called, and Derek answered, and he when asked where I was, he said they had let me walk home half an hour ago(I am not that slow. It would take me at the MOST, 15 minutes to get home). And when he hung up, he told me he was going to say that he'd given me a fake ID, hooked me up with some people, and dropped me off at a club, but he had no idea where he was, no, not at all xD

Then Derek's mom dropped me and Kanishkan home. I now know where Kanishkan lives and can stalk him. Like, I can walk to his house xD

When I got home, my dad was like "where did you come from?" and I said "Derek's mom dropped me off when mom asked?" And apparently my mom never told him and he was going to pick me up in around half an hour and I could have stayed, but oh well.

And that's pretty much it for recently, except that Leadership Now thing. Which was pretty cool. And TYKTW Day, where I skipped school to go to school.


01 November 2009


Mood: Sick.
Music: Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects

Warning: Contains scenes of general boringness. Reader discretion is advised.

I just thought I'd let you know that I'm alive. Don't really feel like typing...but I'll answer questions and whatever.


19 October 2009

Hmm. Lovely.

...ha, I wish.
Mood: Kinda ticked.
Music: Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

Warning: Contains scenes of general ranting. Reader discretion is advised.

So, today, although it was a half day and I did get extensions on my science project and test, was not my day:

  • Geo is getting boring
  • The kid next to me in science..I swear I'll snap at him if he asks me what the hell I am doing one more time.
  • Because I had a papercut, my clarinet squeaked.
  • I can't do a layup. It feels awkward. I will fail the unit test.
  • My mp3 player's back cover fell off on the bus. I can't find it. There are no replacements online. Guess I will have to save up for a Touch. Which is good, but yeah, I'd rather have a back to my mp3 until Christmas, thanks much.
  • I feel generally like crap.
  • My papercut hurts.
  • I have a ton of science work, and geography work. Crap, why couldn't I just have math?
  • It's cold.
  • I hate the shirt I'm wearing.
Good thing that happened? I got a free can of coke today.

I lent Aditya $2 so he could buy a can of coke(the machine wouldn't accept his $10), and then he bought it and realized they were selling pizza in the caf that came with a drink, so he gave me the can of coke and my $2. :D


17 October 2009

Football game!

...hooray for freezing our butts off!
Mood: Warm and toasty :)
Music: Lockjaw by Linkin Park

Warning: Contains scenes of coldness that may make you feel cold, no matter how warm you are right now, loss, and the nonsense that is football. Reader discretion is advised.

So today was Derek's football game. They lost :(
Which sucks because we were out there in the cold!! And we couldn't even see him.

So then me, his sister, and a friend went back to the car until the end(with our hot chocolate :)). Found out he fought some kid. It was funny(in theory).

Anyways, this is mostly just a quick post to tell you all:

(man the Diwali images on the Interwebz suck...one had roulette...WTF?)
Free Orkut and My Space diwali Graphics Glitters

^^Meh. Sucks, but whatever. Also for anyone out there who doesn't know, that is not a Nazi symbol. Nazis were thieves.(is it sad that I can't spell that properly?)

Also, here's something that happened that actually is kinda funny(A few things, actually):

On Thursday, we were in the library at lunch, and decided to spend some time studying for our ear training test in music. For those of you who don't know what "ear training" encompasses, basically our teacher played 2 notes and you had to tell the difference between them(ie the interval). So instead of singing, we decided to use the Mini Piano app on my friend's iPod Touch. So, I was playing the notes, and the librarian came over and told us that if we wanted to play games, we had to leave because students were studying. So we had to explain to her that we were studying :P

And I tried to hug Jameson to show Brendan what would happen and my science teacher told me not to pick on the little guys(haha). So then Jameson stole my stuff during class, and the teacher didn't even see! :|